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Order a Miller Trust

Order a Miller Trust

We will prepare your Income Only Trust (Miller Trust), using current Arizona law, within one business day of your order. The patient must be applying for Medicaid (ALTCS) in Arizona.  The fee is $476.  You will need to provide us with necessary information using the online form.

We review your info first

Mr. Bartlett reviews the information you submit concerning the trust.  Mr. Bartlett will not go on to prepare the Income Only Trust if it appears from the information you provide that it is not actually needed or that the patient cannot qualify for it. In that case, we will not charge your credit card.

By submitting the trust information, you are asking to enter into a lawyer-client relationship.  If you are accepted as a client, you will receive a written engagement agreement.  Mr. Bartlett reserves the right to decline the representation. 

Discounted Fee

Mr. Bartlett normally charges a much higher  fee for an in office consultation, preparation of a Miller Trust and trip to the bank to set up the necessary Miller Trust zero balance bank account. By purchasing the Miller Trust online at a substantially reduced fee, you are agreeing to proceed without a consultation with the lawyer and without the lawyer accompanying you to the bank to set up the checking account. 

Sample Engagement Agreement that Comes with the Miller Trust

ALTCS sometimes changes its requirements for a Miller Trust to conform to new administrative rules. If this happens, and your patient is not yet on ALTCS and ALTCS tells you specifically what changes it wants in the trust we draft, we will amend the trust for you once at no extra charge. The fee for the Miller Trust does not entitle you to phone time or an office appointment with Mr. Bartlett. If you desire phone time or an office appointment with Mr. Bartlett, you will have to pay his regular hourly fee (presently $325).

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