Miller Trust Calculator

The purpose of the Miller Trust Calculator is to allow you to see whether the patient is likely to qualify for ALTCS (Arizona's Medicaid Program for Long Term Care) from an income point of view - without a Miller Trust.  The maximum monthly income for a patient without a Miller Trust is $2205 in 2017-2018. 

In case you only know your net Social Security Amount and do not know your Medicare Part B Premium Amount

ALTCS considers gross income.  Since most people know their net social security payment, we have added a field that permits you to insert the Medicare Part B premium that is deducted from your social security. So if you are providing a gross social security number, set the Medicare Part B Premium to $0.

If you do not know the amount of the Medicare Part B deduction that applies to you or to your spouse, you can consult the following table:

If your yearly income in 2018 (for what you pay in 2018) was You pay each month (in 2018)
File individual tax return File joint tax return File married & separate tax return
$85,000 or less $170,000 or less $85,000 or less $134
above $85,000 up to $107,000 above $170,000 up to $214,000 Not applicable $187.50
above $107,000 up to $133,500 above $214,000 up to $267,000 Not applicable $267.90
above $133,500 up to $160,000 above $267,000 up to $320,000 Not applicable $348.30
above $160,000 above $320,000 above $85,000 $428.60

Good to know as you fill out the Miller Trust Calculator

  1. ALTCS needs to know the amount of a pension before deductions are made for taxes or health insurance. 

  2. ALTCS first considers income that arrives only in the name of the patient.  That is called the "Name on the Check" test.  If the patient is not married and if the patient fails the Name on the Check test, the patient will need an Income Only Trust (Miller Trust).  If the patient is married to a spouse who is living in the community (i.e. not in a care setting), ALTCS will average the income of the spouses to see if the average is less than $2250 per month, and if it is, the patient passes the second test for income qualification, the Community Spouse test.

Patient Monthly Social Security:

Patient Medicare Part B Premium:

Patient Pension 1:

Patient Pension 2:

Patient Pension 3:

Spouse Monthly Social Security:

Spouse Medicare Part B Premium:

Spouse Pension 1:

Spouse Pension 2:

Spouse Pension 3:

Total Patient Income is:

Total Income of Spouse is:

Will Patient Pass the Name on the Check Test?

Will patient pass the Community Spouse Income Test?

If a single patient failed the name on the check test or if a married patient failed both the name on the check test and the community spouse test, Order a Miller Trust online at a substantial discount.

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