Instructional Videos for Non-Licensed Fiduciaries in Arizona

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The following are links to the Arizona Supreme Court website where you can view the videos required as a prerequisite to becoming a fiduciary.  A fiduciary is a person who cares for the money of another or who makes decisions concerning the physical welfare of another. 

In order to understand the term "Non-Licensed Fiduciary" you need to be aware that the Arizona Supreme Court has a program to license people who regularly serve as professional guardians, conservators and personal representatives.  They are "licensed private fiduciaries".  A "non-licensed fiduciary" is a person who is permitted by the Court to serve as guardian, conservator or personal representative without having a license to do that professionally.  If you are on this web page seeking to fulfill the requirement that you be trained as a non-licensed fidcuciary, it is because the court has already appointed you to serve in a single case, recognizing that you have a special relationship to the case.  But even though a judge has signed an order appointing you, you cannot begin to serve in your role until you complete your training and present proof to the clerk of the court that you have done so.  Only then will the clerk of the court issue you proof that you have been duly appointed in your role as a guardian, conservator, or personal representative.

The Arizona Supreme Court's video training pages can be confusing.  On the top of each is a graphic that shows you how to play, pause and mute the video.  Scroll down beyond that graphic and you will see a small icon indicating that an Adobe video is loading.  After each video loads on the page, the title of the video appears.  The title for the video about Conservator Accounting forms reads "Probate Forms", but it is about Conservator Accounting Forms, none the less.

Remember to print out and sign the certificate of completion at the end of each video. Assuming you are a client of Paul Bartlett, send the signed original of completion back to Paul Bartlett, 6135 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ  85712 so that he can file it with the clerk of the court for you.

Each person who will serve as a fiduciary is required to watch the video entitled, "Introduction to Serving as a Fiduciary".  When the video loads, the title is given as "Unlicensed Fiduciary Training".

If you are having trouble loading the video on your computer, the rules permit you to review the information by viewing  electronic pamphlets in Adobe Acrobat format.  For this purpose, you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to be installed on your computer.

Description Printable Pamphlet Link to Video

Watch this video if you are asking for any kind of court appointment including a Guardian, a Conservator or the Personal Representative of a Decedent's Estate

Introduction to Serving as a Fiduciary
Guardianship (1 Video) Welcome to Guardianship Training Module
Conservatorship (2 Videos or 2 Printable Pamphlet) Welcome to Conservatorship Training Module and Video Tutorial and Introduction to Conservator Account Forms
Guardianship & Conservatorship (3 videos or 3 printable pamphlets) Welcome to Guardianship Training Module and Welcome to Conservatorship Training Module and Video Tutorial and Introduction to Conservator Account Forms
Estate of A Decedent (1 Video) Welcome to Personal Representatives Training Module

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