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Remote Online Notarization - What to Expect

You will be signing the documents with your smartphone

There are several reasons why your smartphone is used. First, it comes equipped with a camera and microphone. Second, it is the only platform that can run the software used to independently confirm your identity. Third, You will be asked to provide a photo of your driver's license, front and back. It is much easier to photograph your driver's license with your smartphone than it is to take a usable picture with a webcam.

The smartphone you use must receive your email, or must be capable of receiving a text.

You will receive two emails. The first will invite you to a zoom meeting so that the notary can watch you sign. The second will invite you to sign on to the notary platform where you actually tap the screen to sign your documents..

Installing the Zoom app on your smartphone

If you already have the Zoom app on your smartphone, great. If you want to practice screen sharing before the notary signing, install Zoom by going to the Apple App Store by clicking the App Store Icon on your home screen.

If you have an Android phone, install Zoom by clicking on the Google Play

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