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The Medicaid program offers a way for persons in need of long term care to afford that care. Learn how to protect the family finances.

Long Term Care Planning

Alzheimer's Disease

My spouse was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease? Will we be empoverished? Can my spouse do a Will?

Long Term Care Planning or Medicaid Trusts

Miller Trust

Is a Miller Trust the answer to the question, "How do I protect my assets so the State won't get them when I apply for ALTCS? No!

Here is why...

Powers of Attorney

When you give authority to another person to handle your affairs, a lot of questions arise. Will this authority be recognized? Can you still conduct your own affairs?

Financial or Medical


How do you obtain authority to protect another person from himself? How do you make medical and lifestyle decisions for another person?

Here's how...Guardianship or Conservatorships

Wills & Trusts

Myth: Now that I have done my will, my estate does not need to be probated. Then why are your kids telling you that you need a trust?

Busting Probate Myths